Repointing and repairs

Masonry repairs and repointing, or tuck pointing as it’s sometimes called, is a necessity for maintaining the beauty and integrity of your masonry structure. When done with care and expertise, repairs can blend into the surrounding masonry with little to no visual disruption. Repairs are ideally done with materials and techniques identical to the original project to ensure that look of the masonry is uninterrupted.

Our Repointing and Repairs Services

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Because Timberhawk has extensive experience with both construction and repairs, and maintains a dedicated masonry team. By engaging in all aspects of masonry and masonry structures, Timberhawk can ensure that our masonry specialists have seen and built just about anything you can imagine.Sometimes damage is caused by unusual circumstances or actual errors in the building’s construction.Our masons can draw on the expertise of the entire company to ascertain the root causes of damage before engaging in repairs to ensure that it won’t need to be fixed again in the near future.

Timberhawk can replace anything from a single brick to an entire stone wall. We can patch concrete, fix steps and walkways, and shore up retaining walls; basically anything related to masonry. This includes heritage masonry restoration. Custom mixed cement will create a repair that is barely noticeable. Standard bagged cement is a one-size-fits-all solution; it would be like replacing a panel on a car with a completely generic panel. While it might work, it would never look right, and wouldn’t be as good as a part made for the job.