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Landscaping in Victoria has prominently fallen into two sub categories, Hardscaping and softscaping. The masonry division of timber hawk focuses on the hardscape, which includes, garden retaining walls, drystack stone walls, patios, and pool surrounds. If you need a garden path added or a dry stack stone wall, we do it. We can always recommend a landscaper for the plants and soft scaping if needed.

Our Landscape Services

Dry Stack Stone Wall
Garden Walls
Rock Walkways
Water Features
Landscape Retaining Walls
Ponds/ Reflection Pools
Landscape and Design
Pool Retaining Wall
Outdoor Patios
Outdoor Living Spaces
Stone Landscaping

Landscaping in Victoria falls into two prominent sub categories; hardscaping and softscaping. Timberhawk specializes in hardscaping, but we do keep a handy list of soft landscapers and gardeners to work with as well. Hardscaping is the root of any landscaping project, providing a foundation for everything else. Garden retaining walls hold in soil, drystack stone walls and stone foot paths guide visitors through the space. Patios and pool surrounds are the focal points of a yard, an oasis from a busy day, or the perfect place to start your morning.

Proper landscaping can add to both the curb appeal and functionality of your home.Well designed, low maintenance hardscaping can be incorporated into almost any project. Every homeowner has a vision of their dream home, and the careful incorporation of landscaping is a compliment to any house. Many of our clients have told us that simply having a pleasant space to go has ensured that they spend more time outside.

When planning a landscape project, it’s important to think about how the space is going to be used, as well as how much time, energy and money that can go into it. Research is invaluable; everything from home and garden magazines or websites to the homes nearby in your own community can be a source of inspiration. Many projects can be broken into smaller, more manageable chunks, but an overall plan for the infrastructure will help insure that work won’t have to be done twice.

Timberhawk can everything from stonework to lighting and water features. Contact us to start turning your ideas into a reality