Concrete work and repairs

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Concrete is the go to material for most modern construction, used in roads, walkways, bridges, foundations, driveways, and a wider variety of applications than most people would think. It is strong, long lasting, and even elegant when done right. It’s basically liquid stone; moldable, castable and incredibly versatile.

Our Concrete Works and Repairs Services

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Concrete repair
Concrete work and repairs
Cracked foundations
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Waterproofing and foundations
Repointing and repairs
Concrete block foundations

Concrete can be used in a variety of ways. Most common in residential masonry, it is found in floors, foundations, walkways, and stairs. From time to time might crack under strain or wear after high use, but repairs can easily keep these in good condition and prevent the need to prematurely replace them.

Usually foundations and crawlspaces are built in two ways; poured concrete and cement block. Both have different advantages and lend themselves to different situations. Concrete blocks come in a range of sizes and can be reinforced with rebar just like poured concrete. Blocks can be used in areas not accessible by cement trucks or in situations where forming or pouring is impractical. Webs (holes) within the cement block allow for grouting or insulation to be added.

A common problem for cement foundations is water penetration. Foundations rely on structural components to hold a home together securely.Before any concrete repair or water proofing is done, a close inspection should be done to identify the cause of the failure. Expensive excavation can sometimes be avoided simply by doing some surface regrading or water/down spout relocation. Have us come take a quick look so we can provide you with a couple options on how to protect your home