Protecting our heritage masonry around Victoria

Heritage masonry has fascinated me for a really long time. I love trying to understand the thoughts and motivations of past masons on solving practical problems with local constraints.  You can see what has stood the test of time. My romantic side imagines that long after I have parted this form, part of me ( my work) will continue on in some way.  Its interesting to think about the last person who sculpted this stone that I am about to replace.

Masonry carving Heritage stone wall

What is heritage and when we restore a building allot of thought must be used in how to respectfully do this. Allot of buildings have been used multiple ways. Restoring can remove some of the other history, and this can be a big debate. I will not chime in at this time but I would like to broadly address some resources and ideas, and leave the debate to others.

As an example These are three broad categories that heritage building can designated.

World heritage site– These are historical significant sites which include some parks and natural. Related to UNESCO, these three types of properties fall into : cultural, natural and mixed.

National Historic sites – Which have been designated federally  as being of natural historic significant. They usually fall into two categories, National Historic Events and National Historic person

Local Heritage sites– These Seem to be more related to specific persons, events and style. Here is a link of all registered heritage buildings in Victoria ( link)

Just do a quick search online and you can find allot of information. Below might be some relevant or interesting snippets that I found. Please feel free to send me a note if you found something really great. is a good source for local Victoria general heritage information.

This is a PDf Document put out by Victoria Heritage ( link) as a Application guideline


They also have Published a map that will let you explore around Victoria and see all the locations of heritage designated buildings.

As for application forms, they can be found on the city of victoria site but here are a couple common ones

Please note that the links above might move as the Victoria website seems to be under a bit of a redesign. ( email me if any links don’t work and I will send you the relevant document and update this)

Still want some more?

Heritage masonry walking tour
Here are a couple Heritage Walking tours ( self-guided)

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