Beauty in a beach littered with heritage brick

I was going through some pictures and found a couple from a trip I took to Sidney spit, just north of Victoria. A weekend trip with the family.
Little did I know that I would have found a place where local brick was once produced.

 Brick on beach around victoria - Copy

Today, one could never just dump broken bricks right into the water. It does make for an interesting situation, where a protected park and a brick dumping ground occupy the same space. For me this was a reminder of how we can help shape nature even long after we are gone. For the kids it was just a great place to play with blocks that were not made of wood.

There is a strange beauty in these discarded brick fragments. Maybe its because I just love masonry. Maybe it just the imperfections that remind us of beauty, like how nice bread always seems to split a bit on the crust and how we find that beautiful.

building with brick 2

 brick fragmentsbuilding with brick

Why are we drawn to always build. Hopefully some of these young fingers will someday build something amazing.

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