We just started doing videos. Watch out!.. or watch us?

A picture is worth a thousand words? What about 32 pictures a second? That must be worth a couple billion of words?

We are happy to announce our video section to the website. I love video because its shows many sides and angels of our project and give a more realistic appreciation of the work we are doing. ( and we don’t have to spend those big bucks on all the photo editing and photo touch ups the other guys do).

We shoot with a simple camera( water and dust proof), and try to edit it simply. Usually showing the process and steps. This is done to provide a sneak peak behind the scenes in our process. Rarely do edited pictures show the amount of work and sometimes dust it takes to create the vision.  ( no CG here)

So enjoy the first video.

It is a landscape project that we did in victoria bc. You can check out our other videos on this page as we post them.
Please send any comment or suggestions to us on facebook, Twitter or in the comment box on our website.
You can also call us and have a quick chat. We love to hear from you.

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