Get the look of full real stone with half the calories. ( could this be the new diet stone?)

Natural stone veneers are a great way to have a natural stone look without having to put in a foundation to hold the stone.

A great project is taking a fireplace insert and make it look like a custom masonry stone fireplace. You could also add it on or around your house in many applications.

close up of stone pillarDrystack masonry vaneerdsc_0064

Joint finish will also make a big difference in overall look and feel of the area.
The three main finishes are:

  1. Dry stack (no showing cement between stones)
  2. Raked joint ( you see only a tiny bit of cement)
  3. Raised joint ( the joint enhances the look)

In each of these finishes, you have variations that can slightly change the look, along with the color of the cement. A master mason can give the choice and flexibility in working in various styles.
In the past you were limited in what you could purchase locally. Now many types of stone come from china, India and other countries. Sometimes this imported stone can be cheaper then closer quarries even when it is shipped across the world. It has been suggested that safety precautions and wages paid here account for the increased price.
You can get a couple different styles of stone depending on the look you want. Different types of stone require slightly different application process. You can find a great example on K2 stone a local stone supply place. Go in and chat with Bennett Wasden 

You can see some of the projects we did  with k2 stone on our portfolio(here)

Here is a great pdf that shows some of the stone and styles that can be added to your project.  Its a bit extensive, but I’m sure you will find a couple styles for any project. You can also ask Bennett the options of blending style to really make your project pop.

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