Heritage restoration

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“Heritage masonry; those who do not restore it are doomed to replace it”

-George Santayana (if he had been a mason)

Heritage masonry and restoration focuses on restoring our heritage buildings using techniques and processes passed down for generations. When this knowledge is merged with modern technology and structural research, we can ensure that this heritage will continue through time.

Our Heritage Restoration Services

Heritage restoration
Stone and brick replacement
Repointing and tuck pointing
Stone carving
Architectural  heritage details
Waterproofing and foundations
Repointing / tuck pointing
Natural stone replacement

Our understanding of buildings changes with time. Finding a balance between respect for the past and the needs of the present can be demanding. Timberhawk approaches the entirety of the building and the systems involved to create a solution that is sensitive to conservation, while understanding the needs of current homeowners. We understand and appreciate the need to comply with today’s standards as well as the past’s.