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Nothing brings a sense of warmth into a home the way a crackling fire does. The structural components, from firebox through the throat, damper and chimney are all important in keeping the fireplace burning hot and safe.

Our Chimney and Fireplaces Services

Chimney repointing
Chimney caps
Fireplace masonry
Chimney flue
Fireplace repairs / restoration
Waterproofing and foundations
Chimney rebuild
Natural stone firplaces
Chimney flashing

Most chimneys or fireplaces in Victoria are historically made of masonry. Stone, brick and concrete are long lasting, solid, and effective at fireproofing. Maintenance is important from time to time to ensure they are performing optimally. While the actual firebox must be cared for to ensure safe burning, the entire system must be kept in good condition. This includes the chimney cap, flashing or the cement between the bricks/ stones. If these are not maintained, especially in high weather areas, water penetration can lead to damage to the roof, chimney flue, dry wall or even your fireplace.

Sometimes simple repointing or tuck pointing can negate costly repairs and future damage. Chimney flashing is very important because it ensures that water does not penetrate the roof. One should also be mindfull of a drip edge around the top of your chimney cap. This small groove helps to control any water that lands on the chimney cap, by channeling to drip away from the chimney.

Sometimes we only think about the chimney when we get our roof replaced, or we get a home inspection. Sometimes that’s too late for simple maintenance or repointing. Rebuilding becomes necessary when the masonry has been structurally compromised, which can sometimes be seen as cracks or voids in the masonry. Patching these voids is like covering over a cavity in a tooth; no matter how well done, the damage is still there. Patching a void will keep water from coming in, but doesn’t deal with the structural issues. In some situations, patches will only last a few weeks before the leaks start again.

Get a professional to come take a look. Give us a quick call and we will give you a free opinion on the best solution on your chimney, whether you’re building a new one or repairing an old one.